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The Power of Herbal Wisdom in Your Hands

How often have you thrown out a bunch of mint after using a few sprigs for a recipe because you didn’t know what do with the rest of it? 

Or perhaps you are a seasoned herbalist but want easy access to quality, organically grown fresh herbs? 

While the idea of working with and using herbs in your cooking and home medicinary sounds appealing, when presented with a handful of raw herbs or flower heads, many people feel overwhelmed not knowing exactly what to do with them. 

As a member of our Herbal CSA (community supported agriculture), you'll receive monthly deliveries (Apr–Dec) of hand-harvested, raw herbs such as lemon balm, osha root, arnica, and catnip. You'll also get all the materials and instruction necessary to make your own herbal products such as salves, medicines, teas, or cosmetics. And to help you be successful with making the most of your monthly delivery, we also have free online video tutorials. Our herbal craft kits offer a unique and easy way to incorporate more herbs into your life and benefit from their incredible power to improve happiness and health.


9 month subscription is $30/month ($270/year)

3 month trial is $37/month ($111/year)

Save $60 when you choose the 9 month subscription

It's fine to sign up mid season. We will amortize the costs. Payment is due at the time of subscribing. CSA Members get special discounts on lodging and workshops*

*excludes workshops offered through Wildcraft.

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How it works

JMG’s Herbal CSA runs for 9 months with deliveries beginning in April and ending in December.

Our herbs are grown on a certified organic farm or occasionally wild harvested only when there is an excess of abundance (for example, we gather cottonwood buds from fallen limbs). We strive for high medicinal quality, which can mean that some herbs don't look as lush as you might expect.  Sometimes pampered plants don't produce the best medicine. If you get plants that look stressed, it's probably supposed to be that way — but you can always call us to ask questions.  

The contents of our deliveries vary based on season and growing conditions. As an example of what you can expect, one delivery might include Fresh Calendula, Fresh Comfrey, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Aloe Juice, Fresh Lavender, Epsom salts, sea salts, baking soda, citric acid, jars. This would allow you to make about 4 jars of Calendula and Comfrey lotion and 12 Lavender Fizzy Bath Salt Balls. Most months include some culinary herbs, like yummy Garlic Scapes for adding to your meals. Sometimes we include finished herbal products in our deliveries. Please note that due to regulations surrounding alcohol, we don't include alcohol for any alcohol-based products.

We will guide you through the process of making the herbal products. Written instructions are included with each delivery that explain how to make the product and what it can be used for. We also have videos showing how to make the products.  

How is it delivered 

Herbs and products will be packaged in reusable muslin bags and delivered on the second Wednesday of each month. Herbs are harvested the day of deliveries.

Where it's delivered

We deliver from White Salmon to The Dalles and everything in between. Our drop locations are Feast Market in White Salmon, Mother's Marketplace in Hood River, and we are looking for a location in The Dalles (if you want to be a drop, let me know!)  

There is no fee for drop-off locations. If you prefer to have your box delivered to your door, we are happy to do so for an additional $4.95 per delivery.  

If you live outside of the deliverable areas you are welcome to pick up at the farm.  Or if you wish to have your package shipped, additional rates will apply (approximately $33 for a FedEx 2-day delivery).


How much finished product will you get?

With a 9 month share, you should be able to make enough products to reasonably last you a year, or to give as gifts to friends. Having homemade gifts throughout the year for birthdays and holidays helps offset the cost of the CSA, and is a great way to share your craft! Below is a sample of what you will end up with after the full membership. This is just a loose example, and exact products may vary, which is part of the fun:

  • 4 1 lb jars of different honeys

  • 5 jars of sore muscle salve

  • 20 servings of men's and women's health tea

  • 1 2oz jar of flower essence

  • 50 turmeric capsules

  • 10 tubes of lip balm

  • 4 jars of lotion

  • 12 balls of fizzing bath salts

  • 4 2oz jars of immune tincture

  • 1 bottle each of culinary oil and vinegar

  • summer's supply of dog flea shampoo

  • 50 fl oz of mouthwash

  • 40 servings of digestive health tea

  • 2 4oz jars of fire tonic

  • 5 1oz jar of culinary herb blends

  • 50ct of cough drops

  • 3 jars of respiratory balm

  • 750 ml of digestive bitters

  • 350 ml of cordial

  • incense

  • 500 ml of shrub

  • 12oz cough syrup

  • 4 oz of digestive chew

Total value = $435 in finished product if you bought all these products at the store. At our annual fee of $270, you'll save at least $165 by making the product as a member of our CSA. Plus, you get to make the product which makes it even more special and empowers you to actively participate in your health care!

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