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heart-grown &
hand-cultivated herbs

Putting the power of herbal wisdom into your hands

Good food can be good medicine — for your body and soul. At the heart of our farm beats a passion for cultivating plants that nourish our bodies inside and out, satisfy our palates, and replenish the earth.

We’re moved by herbs. We try to mimic "native & un-manipulated" conditions.  Our plants aren't big and lush.  To those who are used to seeing vegetable gardens, they may look scraggly and worn.  That is why they are so strong!  Just as in our lives, it is hardship that brings character.  In plants, that character is in the form of high volatile oils, alkaloids and flavanoids!  I very much believe in the power of the herbs grown here in the gorge.  It's a tough place to be a plant.  Wet and snowy all winter, and hot and dry all summer.  To live here takes more than a little grit and tenacity - both as a plant and a person. 

Whether you attend one of our workshops, visit the farm for U-pick flowers or come stay with us for a spell, Jean Marie’s Garden offers the means for you to easily and sustainably incorporate the power of herbs into your healthcare and culinary practices.


U-Pick Flowers & Herbs

Come to the farm for a true experience. Walk through fields of butterflies and birds, with Mt Hood as a backdrop. Create unique bouquets & adornments with purpose. Add lemon balm to curb jittery nerves, elecampane for strength and peppermint to invigorate.

Workshops & Tea Tastings

Using herbs in your daily life doesn't have to be overwhelming or time-consuming. Join us at an upcoming workshop or treat your friends to a tasting & tour at the farm and we'll show you how. 

upcoming live workshops



Tea Tastings & Tours
by appointment



Nestled in northern hills of the stunning Columbia River Gorge, a stay at Jean Marie's Garden is a unique and distinctly restorative experience. With two tipis and one handbuilt strawbale cottage, guests can choose privacy and solitude or community gatherings for groups up to 10 people.