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Take a forest bath

As stated in an article by Brian Wu in the LA Times, “Shinrin-yoku is the name given to the Japanese art of "forest bathing," contemplative walks through the woods that reconnect the individual with nature and can lead to decreased stress, natural mood elevation and even a stronger immune system.” (Wu, Feb 20, 2015, LA Times) We here in the Pacific Northwest are no strangers to this concept. At Jean Marie’s Garden, we want to share this with you. A stay at our place is a wonderful way to commune with nature, and we are situated in a wonderful area with so many natural wonders to enjoy.

We started as a farm, and although we no longer are commercially farming, we still love sharing the lessons we’ve been taught by the plants. A pampered plant will grow large and lush, reflecting the care that it was given. Often a plant in the wild may look scraggly and worn, yet don’t be deceived. That plant is likely very strong, we’d bet it has a higher concentration of volatile oils, alkaloids and flavanoids than it’s pampered sibling!  Just as in our lives, it is hardship that brings character.  This world can be a tough place to be a plant.  To live here takes more than a little grit and tenacity - both as a plant and a person. It’s a wonderful journey to experience this life, hardships and all, and we are stronger for them. Yet don’t forget to feed yourself, even the smallest plants along the forest floor are fed the duff of the trees around them and the rains from the skies.

At the heart of our garden beats a passion for cultivating compassion, nourishment, and practices which replenish both people and the earth. Come stay with us for a spell, and let the forest bathe you.



Nestled in northern hills of the stunning Columbia River Gorge, a stay at Jean Marie's Garden is a unique and distinctly restorative experience. With two tipis and one handbuilt cottage, guests can choose privacy and solitude or community gatherings for groups up to 10 people.