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Spring Medicine Making

Date:  April 28
Time:  10am–4pm
Location:  Wildcraft Studio School, White Salmon
Cost:  $125 + $25 materials fee 

It’s time for new growth and a fresh start: and time to supporting the body’s transition from winter hibernation to the active season of spring! This workshop will guide students through what is happening internally and externally during this season, including allergies like the dreaded ‘spring hayfever’.  We will create preparations of medicinal herbs, such as cottonwood, goldenrod, nettles, horsetail, clover and dandelion to aid the body and mind in the process of waking up & drying out. Students will be introduced to both wild foraged spring medicines, as well as herbs that grow commonly in our NW gardens. Sustainable harvest and safe preparation will be covered, while students create elixirs, washes, salves, teas and other plant-based preparations to take home.

This class is offered through Wildcraft Studio, and can be booked here.