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Medicine Making on the Farm

Join herbalist and farmer, Talia Hammond, at her farm nestled among conifers, dogwoods and oaks on a rise just outside of White Salmon, WA.  Jean Marie's Garden is a certified organic herb farm that grows Elecampane, various Mints, Echinacea, Rose, Yarrow, Arnica, Tulsi and culinary herbs.  This class will begin with a tour of the herb farm, where students will learn about growing, harvesting and processing herbs in an efficient and conscious way.  Talia will talk about using plants for health care and the importance of knowing how and where our herbs are grown.  Participants will enjoy a tea flight, learning the benefits of each tea and getting to see the plant in its growing environment.  We will be making herbal medicines including a yarrow hydrosol on our copper alembic still, as well as tinctures and flower essences from plants harvested from the farm with a focus on Whole Health Vitality! 

This class is offered through Wildcraft Studio School.